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East Perth

    East Perth (east, inner city)

Location: Parks, Inner city

Vibe: Relaxed and fit

Rent: Ouch! Not cheap.

East Perth is one convenient suburb. It’s walking distance to Perth’s city centre, and if you live in the Free Transit Zone region, you can score free bus trips to the city. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a car. But do be prepared to buy some running shoes, if you don’t already have any, because everyone and their dog here likes to walk or run!

East Perth is full of apartments, old and new. Some have grocery stores located on the ground floor. The cost of a unit varies but the newer ones tend to be on the pricey side. Homes are not cheap either, so be prepared to have a health bank account if you want to move to this slice of picturesque Perth.

Claisebrook Lake and Claisebrook Cove are part of the East Perth precinct. There are lots of apartments and cafes in this area, all built on once industrial land. Here outdoor enthusiasts have plenty to keep them occupied with walking and bike riding tracks, and water activities including kayaking and fishing. Both areas have amazing views and atmosphere.

East Perth has a number of restaurants, bars and cafes. You can also find services ranging from nail and facial spas to hair salons. And there’s even a TAFE campus in the area. All in all, East Perth is a beautiful suburb with friendly people who enjoy a peaceful and quiet life. Don’t even think about blasting loud music here because it definitely won’t go down well with your neighbors. (More information below and to your left <<<)


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