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Hyde Park
Hyde Park 
One of the five most expensive suburbs to live in Adelaide.  

Hyde Park, Adelaide (0-5km)

Hyde Park is Adelaide's premier chi chi suburb. It's full of ladies-who-lunch types, boutique stores, gourmet food, cafes, restaurants, large well kept homes in attractive leafy streets, refined accents, and a bit of a snobby attitude. It also happens to be one of the five most expensive suburbs in Adelaide. To live here, you need money and a blue ribbon pedigree. Most people here have flash cars, send their kids to private schools, prefer skiing over snowboarding, and are politically conservative. Away with the rif raf. If you are hirsute or up for cosmetic help, fear not. Hyde Park has plenty of beauty parlours, a skin clinic and a hell of a lot of hairdressers. The main shopping strip is on King William Rd which has plenty of bus services. GFC? What GFC? Lunch tomorrow darling? A ha ha ha ha. (More information below and to your left <<<)


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Rent $$$:

Rent here is not cheap

Hyde Park Gourmet Grocer


Parks, Inner city, Near Adelaide Uni

Period family homes

Would Suit:

Professionals, Families, Executives

Usually OK but can be hard on King William Rd


bling bling on valium

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Ferragamo