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Port Adelaide
Port Adelaide 
One of Adelaide's oldest suburbs with a mix of working class people and young/youngish professionals 

Port Adelaide(10-20km)

Port Adelaide is one of the oldest suburbs of Adelaide just bursting at the seams with history, and a tarnished reputation. It has wide streets, impressive old buildings, quite a few well preserved old pubs and hotels, a few warehouses some of which have been converted into loft style apartments, renovated and unrenovated cottages, townhouses, newly built apartments, picturesque new housing developments on the river, dolphins in the river, a shopping strip and decent public transport. Port Adelaide also has some good sports venues, it's home to the Port Adelaide Football Club (AFL), and to plenty of working class residents who have lived there all their lives. There's a Sunday flea market at Fisherman's Wharf on Commercial Rd, and on weekends you can catch a river cruise to spot the dolphins. Yet despite its history and its grand buildings, and the new housing aimed at the younger crowd, this place lacks buzz. On some day's the atmosphere is almost dead. This place is being gentrified, very very slowly, but it's reputation as a place with tough/rough types is still hanging in there. Location: River, 14km north west of city centre. (More info below and to your left <<<).


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Rent $$$:

Rent is in the cheaper to mid range

the dolphins in Port River



old sandstone cottages, new townhouses

Would Suit:

Professionals, Families

Parking is usually OK



If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a no brand running shoe


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