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A family friendly suburb with some down to earth creative types. 

Prospect, Adelaide (0-5km)

If ever there was a suburb that deserved more, it's Prospect. This is a huge suburb by Adelaide's standards and yet it lacks a vibrant village-style hub, but things are changing slowly. The streets are quiet, leafy, with great examples of Victorian architecture, limestone cottages and rosebush gardens. The southern end closest to the city tends to be more expensive than the northern end. Prospect is perfect for families, older professionals, oldies, and singles who don't need to be in party central. And it still has a decent number of southern Europeans who like sharing their home grown tomatoes with their neighbours. This is a very middle class suburb without any pretense. (More info below and to your left <<<)

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Rent $$$:

house rents are in the mid range

Muratti Cakes - 114b Prospect Rd. Ph: (08) 8344 9977


Inner city, Near Adelaide Uni

limestone cottages

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Gay/lesbian

Parking is usually good


a nice day in the garden

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be Colorado, Hush Puppies and Birkenstocks

There is a good sized shopping centre on the corner of Prospect Rd and Regency Road. It's functional and well appointed but not chi chi.

Some parts of Prospect are more appealing than others, with some streets (Churchill Rd end) quite close to industrial territory.

Most people in Prospect will either drive or use buses to get around. There are three train stations that service Prospect but they are not conveniently located for most of the suburb.

Parking is usually OK but can get hard in some narrower streets where housing blocks are smaller and there is limited off street parking. Vibe: a nice day in the garden. Shoe equivalent: Colorado, Birkenstocks, Hush Puppies. Would suit: anyone who likes living in a quiet area close to the city. Location: inner city. Distance from city centre: 4km. Direction: north. Postcode: 5082