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Clifton Hill
Clifton Hill 
An inner city suburb with a big 'cool' factor and Victorian architecture. 

Clifton Hill, Melbourne (north east)

Clifton Hill has been gentrified. Once upon a time, it was one of those inner city suburbs popular with low income earners. Now, it's pricey real estate territory with easy access to some great parkland and dog-walking areas. It attracts professionals and creative types who have a social conscience and are aware of what's going on in the world. They're not softies, but more the middle management decision maker type who have a bit of moola behind them, enough to live a comfortable existence. There is a good mix of ages with creative 20 somethings through to problem solvers in their 50s and 60s. Clifton Hill has a village feel despite several major roads cutting through this suburb. The main shopping strip is on Queens Parade. The architecture is mostly Victorian and Edwardian, with a smattering of ugly 1960s flats, a mish mash of modern, to 'what the?' The streets vary from tree-lined to narrow. (More information below and to your left <<<)

Rent $$$:

rent is affordable to medium

Cavallini - 354 Queens Pde. Ph: (03) 9486 3883


River, Parks, Inner city, Near Melbourne Uni/RMIT/Shillington College

Victorain terraces, Edwardian homes, apartment blocks

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Gay/lesbian, Students

Restricted residential. Usually busy on Queens Parade


Breakfast with friends

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Camper

The Darling Gardens are popular with locals, as is nearby Fairfield Park with its walking paths, river, boathouse, bike track, and acres of Australian bush.


The shot tower, a huge brick chimney looking thing, is a local landmark. It was built during Melbourne's industrial expansion in the late 19th century, to make lead shots.


In 1987 Hoddle St in Clifton Hill became the scene of a massacre, known as the Hoddle Street Massacre. Julian Knight, a former young army cadet, lost his marbles and shot dead 7 people, wounding another 19. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Parking in Clifton HIll can be challenging at the Queens Parade village shopping centre. Vibe: weekend breakfast with friends, let's take the dog for a walk. Shoe equivalent: Birkenstocks and Campers. Would suit professionals, families, singles, creative types who don't want to be in the thick of things all the time and appreciate quiet times. Location: inner city. Direction: north-east. Postcode: 3068

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