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A family suburb on the Maribyrnong River, with California bungalows and modern two-storey homes. The above house at 9 Monash St is for sale. 

Maribyrnong, Melbourne (inner west)

Marry-ber-nong. In the local indigenous language, it means "place of many birds". Maribyrnong is definitely family territory with a mix of older style timber homes, new townhouses, and designer homes. It is clean, close to the city and Victoria University, it's home to a large shopping centre (Highpoint), a new large and well equiped aquatic centre (pool and gym), and is on the picturesque and popular Maribyrnong River which has a good riverside walking and bike track. (More information below and to your left <<<)


Rent $$$:

rents range from affordable to expensive depending on which part of Maribyrnong you are in

Plume - 200 Rosamond Rd. For Yum cha. Ph: 9318 6833


River, Parks, 5-10km from city centre, Near VU

Californian bungalows, modern brick homes

Would Suit:

Professionals, Families, Students

usually good


Let's go for a bike ride

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Colorado, Nine West

There are  three parts to Maribyrnong: 1 - there’s the old part with well kept timber and brick homes from the 1920’s and 1930’s in heritage protected tree-lined streets. 2 - there’s the almost new part (Waterford Green) where large town houses for families were built about six years ago. 3 - there’s the really new part - a housing estate called Edgewater on the Maribyrnong River with designer townhouses and McMansions and great views of the city. And finally, there's yet another new development to begin in Maribyrnong on old military land. It will allow for 3000 houses.

Maribyrnong was traditionally working class territory but of late has become a magnet for middle class families. Plenty of older homes have been renovated, but a few unrenovated ones still remain. The newer brick houses have been built on land formerly owned by the federal Defence Department. Edgewater used to have an old munitions factory.

The Maribyrnong River has a long bike and walking track, playgrounds, a wetland, footbridges and the Pipemakers Park Living Museum and city views.

Parking is no problem. The vibe: let’s go for a bike ride kids. Shoe equivalent: running shoes, Colorado, Nine West. Would suit: families, students, professionals. Location: River, 5 -10km from the city. Direction: West.

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