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A suburb in transition, attracting professionals with an alternative bent. 

Preston, Melbourne (north)

Preston is a huge suburb with three distinct sections. The southern end attracts the alternative types and young professionals. Preston West has some beaut streets and well kept family homes. East Preston is still considered a bit rough. This is one very multicultural suburb in the process of gentrification, and people who live here are very proud of their patch. (More information below and to your left<<<)

Rent $$$:

apartment rents are in the lower to mid range, house rental prices are higher

Preston Market, Cnr Cramer and St Georges Rd


River, 5-10km from city centre, Near La Trobe Uni

Art Deco, Federation homes, Californian Bungalows, apartments

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Students

Can be hard in High St


grass roots United Nations

Hush Puppies, Adidas

It used to be that the only people who lived in Preston were those from southern Europe, and 2nd and 3rd generation Prestonites.

Now it is a thriving, colourful suburb whose location and architectural style are proving popular with students especially from southern Asia, young professionals and families unable to afford housing in nearby Thornbury and Northcote.

One of the highlights is the Preston Market. If you come here on a Saturday morning, you can hear sellers touting for your business with all sorts of accents, offering a huge array of delicious smelling and looking food. It's not a flash market, but it's a busy one.

Preston used to have a rough reputation and its police station was one of the busiest in the area, but with the gentrification have come quieter times.

The suburb used to have a huge tannery on High St. The building still remains, but rather than being home to leather, it's been turned into flash warehouse style apartments. In recent years, quite a few apartments have been built to accommodate the growing population, but family homes of an Edwardian, Californian Bungalor and post war era still dominate.

Parking: Can be hard around the shopping centre. Vibe: united nations. Shoe equivalent: Hush Puppies, Adidas. Would suit: families, students, young professionals with a relaxed approach to life. People who like multiculturalism. Location: 5-10km from city centre: Distance from city centre: 9km. Direction: north. Postcode: 3072

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