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An arty inner suburb with a village feel, an art deco cinema (Sun Theatre) and plenty of good cafes. 

Yarraville, Melbourne (inner west)

If Williamstown is the snob end of Melbourne’s inner west, Yarraville is the alternative community minded hip style-meister. And ya gotta love the gay boys. Had they not begun moving into Yarraville about 15 years ago and injecting life into the place, it would probably still be down and out. Now, Yarraville has a sausage king, a cinema, bars, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, organic food, and great yoga. All of Yarraville's shops are set in just two, yes two, small, narrow streets. And when you are down here, it feels as though you are in a country town. The architecture is mostly Victorian. Streets vary from small, to wide and tree lined. Traditionally a working class suburb with a large Greek community, these days it is much more likely to be home to the creative educated folk and many new parents who are environmentally aware. 


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Rent $$$:

apartment rents are in the lower to mid range, house rental prices are higher

Star Theatre - 8 Ballarat St. An art deco cinema. Ph: 9362 0999


Bay, 5-10km from city centre, Near VU

Victorian cottages

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Gay/lesbian, Students

Can be hard at times


creative community

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Converse sneakers, Campers