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Shopping in Darling Street 

Balmain, Sydney (inner west)

Bingo! Balmain is one of the best suburbs to live in Sydney. It has character, harbour views, a market, good shops, an interesting history, it's cosmopolitan, but best of all, Balmain has a great community spirit and plenty of pubs. It's become a favourite with the better off arty, literary, journalistic set, but still retains its old charm. Balmain was a popular fishing spot with local indigenous people before white man came along. Then a shipping industry was set up attracting many working class folk to the area. Balmain has strong ties to the Australian Labor Party. In fact, in 1891 the precursor to the Labor Party was formed at the Unity Hall Hotel.

Property prices in Balmain have been rising for years so expect to shell out big bucks to live in this highly sought after spot.  The main street, Darling St, has a great French bread shop, bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, homewares and book and clothing stores. On Saturdays, there’s also the Balmain market – great for artisan type products, crafts, and tantalising food.

Balmain has always been a suburb that's attracted the politically aware; and it's where one of Australia's best Olympians, Dawn Fraser, grew up. There's a pool in Balmain named after her at Elkington Park in Glassop St. About the only downside to Balmain is the large number of 4WD (SUV’s) on Balmain’s very narrow inner city streets. Like many other inner Sydney suburbs, Balmain was once working class with street after street of small Victorian era workers’ cottages. While some old timers, working class to the core, still live in the area, it’s now largely home to a film star or two, professionals, bohemian types, and the well heeled who have plenty of money to spend on expensive children’s clothes and flash home renovations.

Nearby ROZELLE is a more down to earth version of Balmain. Location: harbour. Distance from city centre: 5km. Direction: North West. (More info below and to your left <<<)  


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Rent $$$:

rent prices are medium to high

Hot spot: Victoire french bakery - 285 Darling St


Harbour, Inner city

Victorian cottages

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Gay/lesbian, Students, Travellers, Executives

Can be hard


Happy community

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be Campers, Birkenstocks, and Blundstones (trendy, sturdy working boot)