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The coffee centre of Sydney. A cosmopolitan place that exudes urban cool, grunge and creativity. 

Darlinghurst, Sydney (east)

Darlinghurst is one of the more colourful inner city suburbs of Sydney. It was once the domain of working class families living in small cottages, and has always had a colourful, gritty and slightly seedy edge. Prostitutes still walk the streets, but these days they share the footpath with young film makers, students, professionals, singles, families, gays and lesbians, and the alternative, arty, yoga set. The cafe scene here is big, but not pretentious. Darlo, as the locals call it, has some of the best coffee in Sydney. It’s cool to be seen sipping a short black on an upturned milk crate on Victoria Rd. Darllinghurst is home to the Trop Fest - Australia’s best known short film festival. It's also the centre of Sydney's Gay community with Oxford St hosting the annual Gay Mardi Gras, and several gay night clubs.

The architecture is mostly single or double story Victorian terraces. Some of the streets are small, others have a slight industrial feel. Some streets are quiet, others are pretty lively depending on the nightclub/café/restaurant proximity. Parking can be hard. The vibe: colourful, dynamic. Shoe equivalent: John Fluevog, Diesel. Would suit: ages 20+, singles, professionals, gay/lesbians, students, long-term travelers, the open-minded, and people who grew up in boring middle class suburbs and now want to be arty and very inner urban. Location: inner city. Distance: 2km from city centre. Direction: East. (More information below and to your left <<<)


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Rent $$$:

rents are mostly high with some cheaper studio rentals

Hot spot: Bar Coluzzi - Victoria St


Inner city

Period architecture, old and new apartments

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Gay/lesbian, Students, Travellers

Can be hard


Colourful, Dynamic, inner city cool

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a John Fluevog (super cool, arty)