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Kings Cross
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Potts Point
Potts Point 
Sydney's answer to SoHo. Convenience, style and open mindedness are the mantra.  

Potts Point, Sydney (east)

Potts Point is the closest thing Australia has to New York. It has the highest concentration of people per square km in Australia, and is a happening place that attracts the arty, cool, open-minded types. If you want to live here, you have to have a bit more moola than your average person. Potts Point is all about apartment living, where laid back designer style is the mantra.

Potts Point has gone through a massive gentrification process, reflected in the opening of homewares stores, cafes, cool bars and restaurants. This suburb is well serviced by public transport (trains, buses, airport bus), and is easy walking distance from the city, the harbour, Opera House, Botanic Gardens and several other vibrant suburbs in Sydney’s east.

The architecture is mostly Art Deco, but there are also plenty of Victorian terraces in Victoria St. During the daytime Potts Point is safe, but locals tell visitors to be wary at night when walking some of the small side streets adjacent to Kings Cross. (Kings Cross is Sydney’s red light district).


Parking in Potts Point can be very hard. The vibe: progressive, colourful, inner Sydney at its best. Shoe equivalent: Aquila, Birkenstocks, DKNY. Would suit: ages 25+, creative types into inner city living, singles, professionals, gays, long term travellers. Location: harbour. Postcode: 2011. Distance: 2km from the city centre. Direction: East. (More info below and to your left <<<)



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Rent $$$:

rent is medium to high

Cool spot: Yellow Deli - 57 Macleay St


Harbour, Inner city, Near Uni of Sydney/UTS

Art deco apartments, modern apartments, Victorian terraces

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Gay/lesbian, Travellers, Executives

Can be hard


Progressive, designer

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Birkenstock, an Aquila and a runner

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