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Mount Hawthorn

    Mount Hawthorn, Perth (north)

Rent: Rents range from affordable to expensive

Vibe: Life is good

Location: Parks, 5-10km from city centre

Perth gives Mount Hawthorn the thumbs up. Why? This suburb is just 6km north of the city centre and is one self contained living hotspot. It has great schools, leafy streets, plenty of parks, friendly neighbours, and a good cafe culture. Mount Hawthorn has a few pubs, the popular and upmarket Mezz shopping centre, and there's a small live music scene here - including the cool Jazz Cellar which you enter through an old red phone booth. On weekends, expect to see families doing their thing, and joggers hitting the pavement. As with most Perth suburbs having a car comes in handy, but you don't really need one in Mount Hawthorn because public transport is good. It's only a 10 minute train ride away from the city centre.



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The Powerhouse Museum is a huge attraction for kids with all things scientific and hands on to grab their attention and keep it for hours. It always has plenty of exhibitions. This is a science, technology, art, pop culture, design and space travel museum.
500 Harris St, Ultimo
Ph: 902) 9217 0111 

Click HERE to find out how to get to the museum


Not too far away from the museum is the Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour.
It's very popular and is open from 9:30am - 9pm every day.



6 College St, (opposite Hyde Park).
Open every day from 9:30am - 5pm, except December 25. Check out the latest exhibitions, holiday programs, kids programs and Indigenous programs. Entry fees apply but they are very reasonable. Click HERE for more details.
Phone: (02) 9320 6000


2 Murray St, Darling Harbour.
Open every day from 9:30am - 5pm. There are exhibitions, there's a naval destroyer and a replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour. Entry is free.
Phone: (02) 9298 3777



Powerhouse Museum - 500 Harris St Ultimo.

1 - Can be reached by walking from Town Hall train station - it'll take about 20minutes or from Central Station - about 15 minutes.

2 - Catch the 501 bus from the Queen Victoria Building in York St which is near the Town Hall Station. Ask to get off at the Powerhouse Museum.

3 - Or take the Monorail, get off at Haymarket Station and take the footbridge to the Powerhouse Museum. 

Click HERE to find out how to get to the museum

The Sydney Aquarium can be reached by:

1 - Walking from Town Hall train station via Market St to Darling Harbour. It'll take about 10 - 15 minutes

2 - Take the ferry to Darling Habour Wharf. Click here for FERRY times. You can buy an Aquarium pass which will cover entry to the Aquarium and the ferry trip. Click HERE for more information.

3 - Use the Monorail and get off at Darling Park Station.

The Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, can be reached by: train, tram or bus. Click HERE for more information.

The Australian Museum at 6 College St, Sydney can be reached by train, bus or walking. Click HERE for more information.

For further information on directions: go to