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    Glebe, Sydney (inner west)

Rent: rents in Glebe have become more expensive

Vibe: Eclectic

Location: Parks, Inner city, Near Uni of Sydney/UTS

If you want to taste cuisine of the world but can’t afford the airfare, then bus it to Glebe Point Rd in Glebe. Roughly a 10-minute walk from Central Station, Glebe has plenty of cafes, restaurants, and good pubs. It is very convenient, has great access to public transport and is a book and therapy mecca. Glebe is also a magnet for students, the herbal and left-wing sets, backpackers and yuppies. It has a weekly flea market which captures Glebe's alternative bent, it is well known for its Victorian terraces, but also has many ugly 1970's flats, and public housing.

Every Saturday, the local school on Glebe Point Road hosts a second-hand market which is popular with those out for a bargain, or on the lookout for something different. But if all this isn’t your scene, you can check out the nearby large shopping complex, Broadway. Or go to the very end of Glebe Point Rd to Bicentennial Park for a casual stroll, a power walk, a game of soccer, cricket, a bbq with friends, or find a quiet spot to read a book. And the backdrop for all this? Sydney Harbour and Anzac Bridge. The park is also the venue for the annual Glebe Street Fair.

Parking can be hard and there are plenty of parking meters waiting to take your money. The vibe: eclectic. Shoe equivalent: Birkenstocks, Campers. Would suit: ages 18+, students, creative professionals, singles, gays/lesbians, families, long-term travellers. Location: inner city. Postcode: 2037. Distance from city: 3km. Direction: West . (More info below and to your left <<<)


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One of the biggest tourist attractions in Melbourne is the nightly penguin parade at Phillip Island. The penguins come out at dusk at Summerland Beach in Summerland.
Ph: (03) 5951 2800


US comedian Joan Rivers is ambassador for the island’s penguins.

Useful websites for more information:

Phillip Island is a popular holiday destination for many Melbournians and Victorians especially during the summer school holidays. It has plenty of ocean beaches, camping facilities, nature and wildlife reserves, koala viewing, helicopter rides, a maze and puzzles to test kids' minds, and outdoor activities for the family including fishing, boating, surfing and swimming.

The Phillip Island Wildlife Park:

Here you will find koalas sleeping in gum trees. Other animals including wallabies and wombats roam around, and can be hand fed.
2115 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes.
Ph: (03) 5952 2038

The Nobbies
This is a popular destination for seals who like to hang out on the Seal Rocks. There's also a blowhole here.
Ventnor Rd, Ventnor.
Ph: (03) 5951 2816


A Maze N Things
Here you will find a maze, puzzles, and the highest indoor slide in the southern hemisphere
1805 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes

Ph: (03) 5952 2283

Phillip Island Circuit
This is where the Grand Prix is held and for bike riding enthusiasts who would like to test their skills, there's a Go-kart replica track of the main circuit.


It's about a 90 minutes drive to the island (140km south east of Melbourne) or you can bus it there with your choice of tour bus companies.

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