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Mona Vale

    Mona Vale, Sydney (northern beaches)

Vibe: Beach walk

Location: Beach, outer suburb/neighbourhood

Rent: apartment rents are in themid range, house rental prices are higher

Mona Vale is suburbia by a surf beach! It's got great surf, a rock pool for swimming laps a kids' pool and it's a popular beach for snorkelling. This suburb has a relaxed feel to it, plenty of brick family sized homes, a few apartments, and a large village shopping centre with a handful of good cafes. It's definitely family territory where swimming, and hanging out on the beach are a regular part of every day life. Generally, rents here a little bit cheaper than those closer in to the city. Mona Vale has very good public transport (buses), a golf course, and a public hospital. The only drawback to Mona Vale is it is a fair way from the city centre. A bus trip from Mona Vale into the city centre will take about one hour.

Parking: usually fine but can get hard around the beach on hot days. Shoe equivalent: thongs and Nine West. Post code: 2103. Distance: 35km from the city centre. Direction: North East. (More info below...)


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