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    Mosman, Sydney (lower north shore)

Vibe: Reserved, relaxed

Location: Beach, Harbour, 5-10km from city centre

Rent: apartment rents are in the mid range, house rental prices are high

If you’re the sort of person that values your privacy and are after some of the best that Sydney has to offer, then check out Mosman. This suburb is among the most affluent in Sydney. It has huge homes, plenty of apartment buildings, simply stunning views, great streets, a kid friendly beach, upmarket shops, and excellent access to public transport. And it's convenient. Having said all that, Mosman can still offer cheaper rents than some of the eastern suburbs.

There is a reasonably strong café culture but don’t expect to find people dressed in black sitting on upturned milk crates sipping a short black here. Yummy mummies are more the go. The village shopping strip has three sections: 1 – Spit Junction which has all the shops you may need and tends to have an every day feel to it; 2 – the top end of the village on Military Rd which is upmarket; and 3 – the lower end of the village strip on Military Rd which has more of a happening vibe and plenty of places to grab a bite.

Mosman has more dentists than you can poke a toothbrush at, so, no excuse for bad teeth if you live here. In peak hour, a bus trip to the city centre can take about 30 minutes. It used to be quicker but traffic on the main road, Military Road, becomes a nightmare during the morning and afternoon peaks. Balmoral Beach and Sydney’s Taronga Zoo are both big attractions. Chinaman’s beach is also a bit of a treasure.

Parking is usually no problem. The vibe: laid back, moneyed and reserved. Shoe equivalent: Bally, Country Road. Would suit: ages 30+, families, professionals, singles, executives, retirees, people who don’t need to party to have a good time. Location: beach and harbour. Postcode: 2088. Distance: 6.5km from the city centre. Direction: North East.

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