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    Haberfield, Sydney (inner west)

Rent: rents are in the mid to high range

Vibe: Italian family lunch

Location: Harbour, Parks, 5-10km from city centre

Welcome to Italy. Haberfield is one of those places that's so good, it’s extremely tempting to try and keep it a secret. In 1901 Haberfield was  set up as a 'garden suburb' as a tonic to Sydney's then rampant bubonic plague. These days it's foodie heaven. Walk down Ramsay Street on a Saturday morning and you’ll feel you’ve gone through a time warp and entered 1950’s Italy.


There are traditional Italian bakeries, cake shops, modern cafes, pizzerias, a butcher and supermarkets that have endless supplies of all things Italian. You’ll often see small groups of middle aged and elderly Italian men congregating on street benches for a chat or to exchange cheeky banter with younger women. The food is among the best you’ll find anywhere in Sydney, often at cheaper prices. You'll love the handmade chocolates at Colefax.

Homes tend to be large and are mostly Federation era, in appealing tree-lined streets. It’s more of a suburb for families, and couples, with the unpretentious savvy moving in.

Parking is no problem. The vibe: friendly, relaxed with a strong Italian presence. Shoe equivalent: loafers, comfy walking shoes. Would suit: ages 30+, people looking at nesting, professionals, families. Location: parks, multicultural inner west. Postcode: 2045. Distance: 9km from city centre. Direction: West. (More information below and to your left <<<)



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