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    Glebe, Sydney (inner west)

Rent: rents in Glebe have become more expensive

Vibe: Eclectic

Location: Parks, Inner city, Near Uni of Sydney/UTS

If you want to taste cuisine of the world but can’t afford the airfare, then bus it to Glebe Point Rd in Glebe. Roughly a 10-minute walk from Central Station, Glebe has plenty of cafes, restaurants, and good pubs. It is very convenient, has great access to public transport and is a book and therapy mecca. Glebe is also a magnet for students, the herbal and left-wing sets, backpackers and yuppies. It has a weekly flea market which captures Glebe's alternative bent, it is well known for its Victorian terraces, but also has many ugly 1970's flats, and public housing.

Every Saturday, the local school on Glebe Point Road hosts a second-hand market which is popular with those out for a bargain, or on the lookout for something different. But if all this isn’t your scene, you can check out the nearby large shopping complex, Broadway. Or go to the very end of Glebe Point Rd to Bicentennial Park for a casual stroll, a power walk, a game of soccer, cricket, a bbq with friends, or find a quiet spot to read a book. And the backdrop for all this? Sydney Harbour and Anzac Bridge. The park is also the venue for the annual Glebe Street Fair.

Parking can be hard and there are plenty of parking meters waiting to take your money. The vibe: eclectic. Shoe equivalent: Birkenstocks, Campers. Would suit: ages 18+, students, creative professionals, singles, gays/lesbians, families, long-term travellers. Location: inner city. Postcode: 2037. Distance from city: 3km. Direction: West . (More info below and to your left <<<)


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