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    Northbridge, Perth (inner city)

Location: Inner city

Vibe: Party time

Rent: not cheap, but not crazy either

Got young kids? Don't move to Northbridge. This is a happening place perfect for the hip, and professionals of all ages. Located just 1km north of the city centre, it’s full of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, nightclubs, and has plenty of cultural events and festivals. Once home to many Greek and Italian families, the suburb has been gentrified but still has a great Italian butcher and cake shop, a very popular deli (Re Store) and the Kakulas Bros whole foods store. Lovers of seafood and Greek, Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisines will have a great time in Northbridge.

Northbridge is hip, grungey and arty. It appeals to the young, the open minded, alternative types, students, arty loving professionals and anyone who likes being right in the heart of things. Art lovers are well catered for in Northbridge with its good array of museums and galleries including the West Australian Art Gallery, the Photographs Gallery of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Heath Ledger Theatre, and Cinema Paradiso with its art house movies. The Northbridge Cultural Precinct has been transformed, with new cafes, big- screen entertainment, plenty of lants and trees, and free wireless internet. The iconic Brass Monkey pub which tourists love taking photos of, is here too. There's a good village atmosphere in Northbridge during the day.

Public transport is very good with access to trains and buses, and of course it is walking distance to the city centre. The architecture is among Perth’s oldest with period homes. New developments have seen an influx of apartments and super pricey homes.

For all its good points, Northbridge can also get rough at night with drunken hoons spilling out of pubs. Some people, especially young women, don’t feel safe walking the streets at night.


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