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Mount Hawthorn

    Mount Hawthorn, Perth (north)

Rent: Rents range from affordable to expensive

Vibe: Life is good

Location: Parks, 5-10km from city centre

Perth gives Mount Hawthorn the thumbs up. Why? This suburb is just 6km north of the city centre and is one self contained living hotspot. It has great schools, leafy streets, plenty of parks, friendly neighbours, and a good cafe culture. Mount Hawthorn has a few pubs, the popular and upmarket Mezz shopping centre, and there's a small live music scene here - including the cool Jazz Cellar which you enter through an old red phone booth. On weekends, expect to see families doing their thing, and joggers hitting the pavement. As with most Perth suburbs having a car comes in handy, but you don't really need one in Mount Hawthorn because public transport is good. It's only a 10 minute train ride away from the city centre.



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Melbourne South East


Albert Park is extremely pleasant with wide tree-lined streets, Victorian architecture and a bit of a chi-chi feel. More >>


Armadale is a haven for executives and wealthy families with smart children who go to private schools, and young women who dream of getting married. More>>


Balaclava is what St Kilda used to be before it was gentrified. You might walk past a pissed, old, smelly, homeless man, only to find a few paces further down gays or lesbians holding hands, students eating sushi, arty types sipping on a latte or short black, parents with kids, and Hassidic Jewish families shopping. More>>


Brighton is an affluent, upper middle class, picturesque, family oriented, beach and bayside suburb in Melbourne's south east. It's popular with the over 50s crowd. More >>>


Caulfield is not a place you could have a house party, drink all night, do stupid things and then throw up in the street gutter. This is super respectable territory popular with Hassidic Jews. More>>


Elsternwick is almost suburbia, but because of its proximity to St Kilda and the city, has escaped the near fatal description of being a daggy (lame) suburb attractive only to the Homy Ped shoe brigade and walking frame posses. Instead, here you will find boiled bagels, happy couples and families, and old style trams. More >>


If ya love the beach, cafes and a quieter lifestyle that still oozes a sense of cool, then head on down to Elwood. It's walking distance from St Kilda, attracts moneyed professionals who prefer latte to bling, and it has a decent collection of art deco buildings and  wide leafy streets. More >>


Frankston is suburbia by the bay. It is a long way out of the city centre (at last one hour drive or train trip), it is HUGE and is very popular with mainstream young families on lower to mid range incomes. It's also one of the fastest growing regions of Melbourne. More >>


This place is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne. It's tucked between South Yarra, Toorak and Prahran. It has boutique shops, Victorian architecture, plenty of trees, cafes, a village feel, and good access to public transport. More >>


If you are after a safe, affluent, middle class family area with beautiful parks, then Malvern could be your thing. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone here who does not send their kids to a private school, play golf or listen to ABC Radio. More >>


Wealthy, semi rural, and posh private schools. This place is quite beautiful and is definitely family and executive territory. There are trees, well kept homes and gardens everywhere, and a very pleasant local shopping centre. More >>


Even a couple of decades ago if you said you lived in Port Melbourne, people would feel sorry for you. Today, it's one of the most expensive places to live in with plenty of cafes, bars, pricey apartments and houses, and highly paid professionals. More >>


If South Yarra is blonde hair and bling, Prahran is unconventional, alternative, and individual cool. Here you will find the young, arty professionals, gays, party types, students, cool cats, suits, and vintage clothes enthusiasts. More >>

St KILDA    

St Kilda is probably the most colourful suburb in Melbourne. It's popular with arty intelligent types, professionals, live-music fans, students, backpackers, families, gays/lesbians, and tourists. It's trendy in a gentrified alternative way, with a bit of edge and a bit of rough still left. More >>


How would you like to drink a milk shake out of a milk bottle? In Sandringham you can. Sandringham is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne. It feels like a country town - with a beach. More >>


This place started off as a working class suburb, and if it were not for the public housing, South Melbourne would now be one toff of a place. Instead, it is diverse, interesting, convenient, and has a great fresh food market. More >>


South Yarra is the designer shopping centre of Melbourne. It tends to attract skinny things, blondes (fake and natural), people who wear bling, have moola, and love to be seen. It is an affluent, safe, stylish, expensive, beautiful suburb close to the city centre. More >>


Southbank is meant to have the highest number of single males in all of Melbourne and is the perfect spot for professionals on the go for whom staying at home is not high on the agenda. More >>


Toorak is the most prestigious suburb in Melbourne, and is essentially establishment. If you are filthy rich or a well known media celebrity, there is a good chance you'll be parking your Toorak tractor (aka 4WD) here. More >>