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McMahons Point

    McMahons Point, Sydney (lower north shore)

Rent: pricey, pricey, pricey

Vibe: Let's do lunch

Location: Harbour, Inner city

McMahons Point is a popular hangout for professionals and café scene devotees aged over 30. It’s one of Sydney’s most affluent suburbs with a good village feel, appealing streets, period architecture and unbelievable city and harbour views. It's a very relaxed and convenient place to live with a good pub, cafes and good public transport nearby.


There are postcard views across the harbour to the city from the bottom of Blues Point Road. Some would even say that same stretch of territory has an eye sore - the tall Harry Seidler apartment block, which was meant to be the first in a series of replica towers along the road. It stopped at one.

McMahons Point has a mixture of middle class high achievers, and some more creative types. Lunch hour attracts the finance set from the North Sydney office towers, and middle class mums out for lunch. Speaking of which - The vibe: let’s do lunch. Shoe equivalent: Lloyds, high heels. Would suit: ages 28+, finance types, well paid professionals, singles, families, wealthy students, executives. Parking can be very difficult. Location: harbour. Postcode: 2060. Distance: 3km from the city centre. Location: North. (More information below and to your left <<<)



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