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Box Hill
Box Hill 
A family friendly place with a vibrant shopping district and plenty of gardens. 

Box Hill, Melbourne

Box Hill is two things: suburbia with plenty of trees and shopping, and the Chinatown of Melbourne's east. So if you like good Peking duck, pack your bags baby and move to Box Hill cos the ducks are waitin' for ya! Box Hill is a magnet for families on average incomes because housing here is more affordable than inner city homes, the blocks of land are larger and off street parking is the norm. Many of the houses in Box hill are brick and were built after WW2. (More info below and to your left <<<)


Rent $$$:

rent prices are affordable

David and Camy Noodle Restaurant - 605 Station St, Box Hill. Good Chinese/Asian. Ph: 9898 8398



Post war family homes, apartments

Would Suit:

Families, Students

Can be crazy around the shopping centre. Otherwise it's fine.


yum cha and raking the leaves

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Nine West and a slip on

Once upon a time Box Hill was considered an outer suburb of Melbourne but huge population growth in the area changed that and the suburb is now a retail and business hub, in fact the second largest shopping district outside of Melbourne's city centre.


Increasingly, students have been moving into the area, happy to spend an extra 20 minutes travelling to university if it means finding cheaper rent.

This is the kind of place to live in if you enjoy the mainstream and if living in the inner city holds no appeal for you. Much of the housing is block shaped, with bigger gardens. In recent years, apartment blocks have been built to cater for the growing population and as part of a higher density living objective. After WW2 Box Hill South was chosen for the development of public housing.

Box Hill is easy to access with public transport. There are two train lines that service the area and numerous bus lines (from Centro) that fan out to many other eastern suburbs. Box HIll is also near the Eastern Freeway which, during non-peak times, can get you into the city in about 20minutes by car. During peak hour, it's another story and could take 2 - 3 times longer depending on the volume of traffic.

Parking: is usually fine but can get hectic at the major shopping centre - Centro. Vibe: yum cha and raking the leaves. Shoe equivalent: Nine West and slip ons. Would suit: families, mainstream types, students, older people. Location: 10-20km from city centre. Distance from city centre: 14km. Direction: East. Postcode: 3128

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