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A university suburb with plenty of cafes, terrace houses and a strong Italian flavour. Bellisimo. 

Carlton, Melbourne (inner north)

Carlton is Melbourne's Italian fix. It is vibrant, colourful and interesting. Some of its residents are the university intellectual type, some are of the family variety, others are newly arrived migrants. And there's the occasional doof doof music fan driving his hotted up car around on a Saturday night. Oh yeah mate! Carlton is steeped in history and diversity. So, how could you go wrong living in one of Melbourne's best suburbs? (More info below and to your left <<<)


Rent $$$:

rent prices are getting pricey

Lygon Street - Brunetti, Lygon Street Food Store, Nova Cinema


Parks, Inner city, Near Melbourne Uni/RMIT/Shillington College

Victorian cottages, Victorian terraces, apartments

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Students

Can be hard


love and politics over coffee and gelati

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Puma, black work shoes, stilletos

There is a constant buzz to Carlton, especially around Lygon Street. The northern end of Rathdowne St is another winner. Both are big attractions because of their heavy Italian flavour, clothing and shoe shops, book shops (one of Melbourne's best bookstores - Readings - is in Lygon St) and proximity to the city. There are a couple of hospitals in the area too.

Walking down Lygon St on a Friday or Saturday night is a must. And in Summer, any hot night in Melbourne is well spent in Carlton.

This suburb has plenty of pizza, pasta, coffee, and gelati. There's a great art house cinema too with cheap movies on Mondays.

The architecture is mostly Victorian cottages and terraces in tree-lined streets. But in more recent years, high rise apartment buildings have gone up to cater for the growing student population. Rathdowne Street has public housing which has recently become home to refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa.

Carlton also has a decent number of historically important buildings. The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens is World Heritage listed. The gardens themselves are a great example of Victorian era parklands, and are home to the Melbourne Museum. The Trades Hall building (union meeting place) and ruins of the old Carlton Brewery can be found on Victoria St in Carlton.

North Carlton is another winner of a suburb. It tends to attract professionals in their late 30's and upwards. It is quieter than Carlton proper. Nicholson St and Rathdowne St in North Carlton have interesting shops with more of a local or village feel. Check out the Natural Tucker Bakery in Nicholson St. One of Melbourne's best libraries is in Rathdowne St in North Carlton.

Parking can be hard around Lygon, Swanston and Rathdowne streets. The vibe: love and politics with coffee and gelati. Shoe equivalent: Puma, black work shoes. Would suit: students, singles, professionals, families, tourists. Location: inner city. Distance: 1km from city centre. Direction: North.


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