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A multicultural suburb with a mix of Victorian architecture, light industry and a vibrant shopping village. 

Coburg, Melbourne (inner north)

Coburg is one of the most multi-cultural suburbs of Melbourne. For decades it's had a strong Greek and Italian presence but in recent years, people from Arabic backgrounds have also settled here, as have younger professionals with or without kids. Many like the place because of its cultural diversity, closeness to the city centre and period architecture. And the prison has closed down. (More information below and to your left <<<)

Rent $$$:

rent is affordable to medium

Terranova Pizza Cafe - 333 Moreland Rd. Ph: (03) 9386 5056


Parks, 5-10km from city centre, Near La Trobe Uni

Victorian cottages, apartments

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Students

Can be very hard


multicultural living

Adidas, Hush Puppies

Once upon a time Coburg was in the bad books because it had a prison - Pentridge. Some of Melbourne's most hardened criminals were sent to this foreboding blue stone building as punishment for their crimes. The prison was built in 1840 and prisoners were used to break up bluestone from nearby quarries. Many of those bluestones were used to pave Coburg's and Melbourne's laneways. But the crims and crooks are gone and Pentridge is now a law abiding residential development. Tweet tweet.

Sydney Rd is the main thoroughfare in Coburg and it gets packed. Traffic jams, slow moving trams, ay yay yay! Do not venture down here if you are in a rush or you may suffer road rage. On the plus side, Sydney Rd has an amazing collection of shops and cafes with interesting stuff that's cheap. But parking here can be challenging. You have been warned.

The architecture is mostly Victorian with some Edwardian houses, apartments, and Californian bungalows thrown in. Some streets are rather attractive, while others could do with a bit of work. Some homes are appealing while others would be better without the aluminium windows and heavy brick. It's a personal thing. There is still plenty of light industry in Coburg, with many factories etc located along the train line.

Coburg's property prices have begun rising, because of its location and because it is being gentrified. But overall it is still affordable compared to many other inner suburban locales. So, if you like the idea of you or your kids living in a very accepting neighbourhood then Vote 1 Coburg.

Parking: can do your head in. Vibe: multicultural living, strong black coffee and olives. Shoe equivalent: Adidas and Hush Puppies. Location: 5-10km from city centre. Distance from city centre: 8km. Direction: north. Postcode: 3058


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