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An interesting low key suburb with a large Jewish population, nice houses and good streets. A safe suburb popular with families. 

Elsternwick, Melbourne

Elsternwick is almost suburbia, but given its proximity to St Kilda and the city, it has escaped the near fatal description of being a daggy (lame) suburb attractive only to the Homy Ped shoe brigade and walking frame posses. Instead, here you will find boiled bagels, happy couples and families, old style trams, and equally old Jewish ladies who have a preponderance for poking you in the back at the supermarket. Elsternwick is a suburb almost lost in time. (More info below and to your left <<<)

Rent $$$:

rents are in the mid range for apartments, and higher for houses

Antique bar - 218 Glenhuntly Rd. Ph: (03) 9523 8999


Parks, 5-10km from city centre

Federation homes

Would Suit:

Professionals, Families

Not bad


bagels and quiet neighbours

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be Colorado and Hush Puppies

Elsternwick is a safe suburb and has some gorgeous homes on larger blocks. The streets have plenty of trees, and people here know they live in a very convenient suburb with a good shopping strip. There are a couple of decent bars, a good supermarket, fruit and veg shops, plenty of cafes/restaurants, old style clothing stores, a boutique or two, gift shops, not one but two shoe repairers, and pretty much anything else you may need for your daily existence.

(Compare that to Elwood where the local shopping strip has turned into one where you can ONLY get a coffee or lunch or gift for a friend.)

There is a bit of a 'lost in time' feel to Elsternwick, but that could be a good thing if you work in a high pressured job and want a bit of peace and quiet when you get home. And if you like Eastern European Jewish cakes, then "come to mama" cos Elsternwick will satiate your taste buds. Or if are after a drink, go to the Antique bar. And if you want to check out a movie, go to the Classic cinema, one of the oldest cinemas in Melbourne.

And how's this: Elsternwick is home to Australia's best known brothel, the Daily Planet. It's big, and was the first brothel in the world to be listed on the stock exchange.

Parking: not a problem. Vibe: bagels and quiet neighburs. Shoe equivalent: Hush Puppies. and Colorado Would suit: older singles, families, couples. Location: 5-10km from city centre, parks. Distance from city centre: 10km. Direction: south-east. Postcode: 3185

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