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A beach suburb with Art Deco architecture and plenty of cafes. 

Elwood, Melbourne (inner south)

If ya love the beach, cafes and a quieter lifestyle that still oozes a sense of cool, then head on down to Elwood. Over the last few years, Elwood has undergone quite a large gentrification process which suits some, but disappoints others. It's walking distance from St Kilda, attracts moneyed professionals who prefer latte to bling, and has a decent collection of art deco buildings, and wide leafy streets. (More info below and to your left <<<)


Rent $$$:

rents are in the mid range for apartments, and high range for houses

Ormond Rd and the beach


Beach, Bay, 5-10km from city centre

Art deco apartments and homes, modern apartments

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Executives

can be hard on hot days


let's jog and then have a drink

thongs, runners, black work shoes

While there are some young families in the area, generally Elwood is more popular with singles, couples, professionals and retirees.

The beach is a bay beach which means it's not fabulous. But it does have a good walking track that goes all the way to Port Melbourne via St Kilda on one side, and to Brighton and way way beyond on the other. So if you like exercising and fresh air, the beach is the way to go.

The main shopping strip is on Ormond Rd. There is a good number of cafes and bars. If you like St Kilda but find it a bit noisey or full on, then Elwood is a quieter bet.


Architecturally, there are plenty of art deco homes and apartments. There are also some ugly 1970's flats, and some larger than life modern apartments for those with money to burn.


Public transport is mostly limited to buses. Although, if you are near Brighton Rd, you can the 67 tram line which runs via the city to Melbourne Uni. Parking is usually fine but can get crowded and hard on hot summer days. The vibe: let's jog and then get a drink. Shoe equivalent: thongs, runners and black work shoes. Would suit: professionals, singles, families, couples. Location: bay and beach. Distance: 9km from the city centre. Direction: south

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