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A place where anyone from anywhere is welcome. 

Richmond, Melbourne (inner east)

Of all the suburbs in Melbourne, Richmond has the biggest heart. It's welcomed people from every conceivable ethnic, cultural and religious background and used the diversity to build what is one of the most vibrant places to live in Melbourne. It's got cool cats, newly arrived migrants, arty types, organic food types, pensioners, professionals, students, pierced ones, the non-conventional, tomato growers, and some yuppies. (More information below and to your left<<<)

Rent $$$:

apartment rents are in the mid to higher range, house rental prices can be expensive

Dimmey's on Swan St, a cheap department store, and an institution


River, Inner city, Near Melbourne Uni/RMIT/Shillington College

Victorian cottages

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Gay/lesbian, Students, Travellers



Welcome, have a beer, spring rolls or organic food

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be Campers, Birkenstocks, slip-ons


Richmond is a huge suburb.


It has excellent public transport. How good? Try five train stations, seven tram lines, and it's walking distance from the city centre. For some parts of Richmond, the Yarra River and its bike track are not too far away.


There are three shopping areas: Bridge Rd for fashion; Victoria St for block after block of Vietnamese restaurants and supermarkets; and Swan St for a little bit of this and a little bit of that including an institution - Dimmeys - which is an old style low-key cheap department store.


As for housing - there's a large amount of public housing, street after street of Victorian cottages, converted warehouses, and some newish things. The streets vary from small and unappealing to small and appealing, to wide and leafy with some nicely refurbished period homes now worth an absolute mint. 


There is still a live music scene here. And Australia's best known music guru, Molly Meldrum lives here. Richmond also has an Australian Rules Football team - the Tigers; and plenty of cafes and restaurants.


There are three downsides to living in Richmond:

1 - the traffic. It can be horrendous down Victoria St and Hoddle St.

2 - Parking. Get in early or take public transport.

3 - Noise. Because the neighbours are so close to you, you may be able to hear them sneeze or wheeze or do whoopsies. Ew!


Parking can be horrendous. Would suit: anyone. Vibe: Welcome. Spring rolls and organic food.  Shoe equivalent: Campers, Birkenstocks, slip-ons. Location: inner city. Distance from city centre: 4km. Direction: east.

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