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A family friendly suburb with plenty of charm, trees and happy families. 

Sandringham, Melbourne (south)

How would you like to drink a milk shake out of a milk bottle? In Sandringham you can. Sandringham is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne. It feels like a country town - with a beach. The people are friendly, there's a cute shopping village, some good cafes, good train service, and the houses and streets are beautiful. It's the sort of place where you could easily just forget about the rest of the world, and feel you have found your nirvana. (More info below and to your left<<<)

Rent $$$:

house rentals range from medium to high

Ludo - 5 Waltham St. Ph: (03) 9598 5488


Beach, Bay

Edwardian homes, apartments, modern beach houses

Would Suit:

Professionals, Families, Executives

Is usually OK


Happy childhood memories


Sandringham is great for young families and oldies, and anyone who likes to feel as though the world is still a safe place. This is a suburb where you regularly see mum, dad, two kids and a dog walking down the street, or a group of elderly people chatting.

Sandringham has some of the best examples of Edwardian architecture, Californian bungalows, post War buildings, and modern beach houses. It is an expensive-ish prestigious suburb but without the attitude and high fences a la Brighton.

The bayside beach is clean, offers a great walking track and good views.

There are some great cafes. And one of the best shops around is called Cuppa Cottage. Cakes are made on the premises, milk shakes are served in milk bottles, young kids and oldies gather here for tea and sandwiches, salads or just to get lost in the myriad of colourful old style offerings, and where service with a smile is nothing unusual.

Some famous people who have lived in Sandringham include former Prime Minister Bob Hawke; Guy Boyd - a potter and bronze sculptor; Alan Marshall - the author of 'I Can Jump Puddles'; and a footy star or two.

Sandringham is quite Anglo.

Parking is not a problem. Vibe: happy childhood memories. Shoe equivalent: Flippers. Would suit: families, executives, oldies, older professionals who like a quiet life. Location: bay beach. Distance from city centre: 17km. Direction: south. Postcode: 3191

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