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An affluent Melbourne suburb with big homes, established trees and wide streets. 

Toorak, Melbourne (inner south east)

Toorak is the most prestigious suburb in Melbourne. It is home to some of Australia's richest people. The cars are expensive (4WDs are called 'Toorak tractors'), the houses are big, the driveways are long, the gardens are well kept, the security fences are high and the hairstyles are big and blonde to match the bling. And the kids go to private school. Rather! But not everyone here is Mr or Mrs money bags. (More information below and to your left <<<)


Rent $$$:

apartment rents are in the mid to high range, house rental prices are high

Romeos - 450 Toorak Rd. Ph: 9827 2316


River, 5-10km from city centre

neo Georgian, Victorian, apartments

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Executives

Usually manageable


Anyone for polo?

Lloyds, Feragamo

Back to the types of residents in Toorak: there are people who live here who aren't rich. But then there's a good chance those people will be on the other side of 40, which means they'll be more likely to play classical or jazz music instead of "The Herd".

As for cars, if you don't have a 4WD (SUV), and you live in Toorak, fear not. The suburb has great access to public transport. You won't find too many, if any, plebs around these parts. So, the chances of you sitting next to someone on the train that you may not find up to standard - is quite minimal. (The Werribee and Upfield lines in the western suburbs can fill that hole if you want a taste of reality. Use the off-peak services.)

Yep, Toorak is a very safe, upper middle class, leafy, affluent Melbourne suburb. It's got a larger older population, plenty of finance and business types, and the highest percentage of kids attending private schools in Melbourne. Architecturally, Toorak has a crazy mix of styles. There's a little bit of neo Georgian, some tudor, a bit of Victorian, some ugly 1970's brick apartments, modern apartments, and mansions.

Politically, this is conservative territory. Shopping wise - if you like getting your hair done or having a facial, this place will suit you very well. Darrrrrling. Try celebrity hairstylist Lillian Frank. She's a hoot. Other famous residents include the dude who is in charge of the AFL, the blokes who run Linfox transport and Visy paper company, a couple of media personality types, a fallen or disgraced media type, and a fab woman who has an estate jewellery store in Little Collins St in the city.

Parking: usually not a problem. Vibe: a game of polo? Shoe equivalent: Lloyds, Salvatore Feragamo. Would suit: executives, professionals, families. Location: Yarra River. Distance from city centre: 6km. Direction: South East.


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