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A bland suburb in a convenient spot with a huge shopping mall. 

Cannington, Perth (south)

If shopping is your thing, Cannington is your nirvana. Cannington, named after the Canning River, is one of the busiest places in Perth’s metropolitan area and is a mere 13 kilometers south from the CBD. Given Perth’s massive urban sprawl, that now counts as an inner suburb! Cannington has a large shopping mall (Westfield Carousel), an IMAX theatre – one of only a few in all of Perth. Cutting right through the heart of the suburb is the super busy and noisy Albany Highway. Cannington’s inner-city nature means hustle-and-bustle is just another fact of life. Be prepared for exhaust fumes thick in the air and an urban landscape made up of some older homes, but many more brick homes, brick units, brick apartments, brick brick brick and plenty of concrete. Just as well the Canning River Regional Park is nearby, otherwise your brain might fry.

Cannington is not a café hotspot. But it is a great place if being close to work opportunities is important to you. So, if you are happy to live in an otherwise bland suburb where convenience is more important than peace and quiet, move here because peace and quiet is clearly not something you need, and not something Cannington will offer.

Otherwise if you like the location but are looking for something with more appeal, look to the east, west, north and south of Cannington for other residential options.


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Rent $$$:

Affordable. Hooray!

Canning River Regional Park


River, Parks

Brick homes

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Professionals, Families

No problem


She'll be right

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Nine West