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A suburb in Perth's foothills with affordable housing and plenty of schools. 

Midland, Perth (hills, east)

The brooms have come out, and Midland is getting a spuce up. At the base of the Perth Hills and just 20 minutes from Perth's city centre, Midland is going through a major redevelopment phase. And it’s the perfect place for a makeover, given it is one of five major nodal or connection points around Perth, with a reputation in need of salvation.

Midland is a major retail and transport hub for this part of Perth. It has a large shopping centre (Midland Gate), and the only mainstream cinema for the outer eastern suburbs. It’s on the train line to Perth, interstate trains stop here, and it has good bus services. Midland also has schools, churches, entertainment venues and cultural sites. Property here is affordable and appeals to families on mid to lower incomes. You can buy a house here for under $400,000.

Midland has been undergoing redevelopment for just over a decade with infrastructure and job creation projects, and the local council has been initiating programs to help the socially disadvantaged. However, Midland still has issues with some residents engaging in anti-social behavior and vandalism. On the flip side, it’s been home to some great sports people including cricketer Bruce Yardley, and to author Albert Facey who wrote A Fortunate Life.


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Rent $$$:

Affordable. Hooray!

the public transport


Hills, outer suburb/neighbourhood

old style homes, brick homes

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Is usually OK


a town going through change

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be an Adidas and a no brand running shoe


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