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Local: Sutherland Shire

State: Cronulla

Federal: Crook

SES - State Emergency Service

Ph: 132 500 (storm and flood damage)


Cronulla Police Station
34 Kingsway, Croydon 2230
Ph: (02) 9527 8199


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A beach suburb south of Sydney. It's either loved or derided. 

Cronulla, Sydney (south)

Beach bods, bogans and Brits. Cronulla is ridiculed by some parts of Sydney as being lost in the 1950s when it comes to attitudes towards multiculturalism, ie, it's considered backward. The Cronulla race riots of 2005 are a case in point. But for those who live there, there is no better place to be: great beaches and lifestyle, great public transport and clean air. (More information below and to your left <<<).


Rent $$$:

apartment rents are in the lower to mid range, house rental prices are higher

the ferry ride from Cronulla to Bundeena


Beach, outer suburb/neighbourhood

Apartment blocks, period homes

Would Suit:

Singles, Families

Impossible on weekends along the beach


Sundays at the beach

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a thong

The beach culture at Cronulla is huge. Weekends are full of families going for a swim, people walking or exercising, surfing, or having breakfast or lunch at the very busy cafes.

On the arts and celebrity front - one of Australia's best known books and movies, Puberty Blues, is about the Sutherland Shire's surfing culture. Cronulla has been home to some Aussie celebrities including cricket captain Ricky Ponting and model Lara Bingle.
The population in Cronulla is largely Anglo Australian with some residents from southern Europe, the UK and New Zealand. In summer tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over Sydney come for a dip at Cronulla's beaches via the frequent train service.

In December 2005, an ugly riot erupted when a massive group of drunk Anglo Australians draped in Australian flags began targetting anyone of middle eastern aka Lebanese appearance. The riots lasted several hours and shocked the nation. Since then, effort has been made to integrate the Lebanese and Australian cultures and create greater cultural awareness. The riots are a source of embarrassment for Australia.

Sport here is huge. Cronulla is home to the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks rugby league team which has been embroiled in yet another sex scandal.

As for architecture, it's flats-a-go-go. There are hundreds of apartment blocks and some larger homes. Some of the public buildings eg Commonwealth Bank and train station are of the art deco variety.

Parking is almost impossible on weekends. Vibe: beach walk. Shoe equivalent: thongs. Would suit: families, surfers, beach types, singles and bogans. Location: southern beaches, Botany Bay, Sutherland Shire. Distance: 26km from city centre: Direction: south. Postcode: 2230

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