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Woolloomooloo Wharf 

Woolloomooloo, Sydney (east)

Now here is a tale of two cities. There’s the waterfront Woolloomooloo with trendy cafes and restaurants, newish apartment blocks, high real estate prices, and well paid professionals. And then there’s the old Woolloomooloo with small terraces, public housing and a history of punch ups. Woolloomooloo is also a base for the Navy, and where actor Bryan Brown grew up. (More info below and to your left <<<)      

Rent $$$:

apartment rents are in the mid range to expensive range

Cool spot: The Steak and Ale House - Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel


Harbour, Inner city, Near Uni of Sydney/UTS

Victorian cottages, apartments

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Students

Very hard


Waterfront buzz

If this suburb were a shoe, it would be a Puma and a black work shoe


The biggest attraction in Woolloomooloo is the very humble looking Harry's Cafe du Wheels. Everyone from Shirley McLaine to Frank Sinatra, Elton John and Bill Cosby have eaten a Harry's pie floater - pies served on a plate with a big whack of mashed peas. Vegetarians are catered for. It's a good place to go to if the meal you had at a fancy shmancy restaurant on the Wharf didn't quite fill you.


In terms of residents, the mix of professionals, celebrities and welfare recipients in Woolloomooloo makes for an interesting place to live. The suburb started off as one that attracted the wealthy who built grand homes. Then, a big road (William St) was built which started a change, and public housing went up. Woolloomooloo began attracting the poor.


Bu in the last decade, it  has been undergoing gentrification. Upmarket pubs, restaurants and the W Hotel attract beautiful and better paid people and celebrities to the whaterfront. But walk a few streets into the suburb away from the water and you are bound to see homeless men - some urinating in public, perhaps a broken window or two, and a handful of shops with security grilles. 


Parking: can be very hard to near impossible. The vibe: happening on the waterfront. Shoe equivalent: Adidas and Kenneth Cole. Would suit: ages 25+, singles, professionals. Location: inner city. Postcode: 2011. Distance: 2km from the city centre. Direction: East.

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