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Neutral Bay

    Neutral Bay 2089

Rent: 2 br apartment: $320 - $1,300 pw

Vibe: Convenient, light buzz

Location: Harbour

Neutral Bay is one of those places that has everything you may need but it isn’t exactly party central. Though the beer garden at the Royal Oaks Hotel does a good trade. This suburb is extremely convenient. A bus trip to the city from Neutral Bay takes approx 12 minutes in peak hour. Neutral Bay is a safe, and picturesque place with hilly tree-lined streets, a good public school, and a good selection of shops. (More info below...)


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Melbourne South East
Click on a suburb to explore Melbourne's South East on the Melbourne South East map. Read on to get a brief description of each suburb.

But first, click here if you need to see Melbourne's public transport maps.


Albert Park is extremely pleasant. Wide tree-lined streets, Victorian architecture and an attractive village shopping centre with quality cafes help give Albert Park a bit of a chi-chi feel. It’s on the bay, on a tram route, and full of professionals with decent pay packets and a thirst for good books, good food, good ice-cream, and good coffee. More >>


Frankston is suburbia by the bay. It is a long way out of the city centre (at last one hour drive or train trip), it is HUGE and is very popular with mainstream young families on average incomes. It has a clean beach that fills to capacity during summer. It's a short drive away from some great holiday spots on the Mornington Peninsula, and is one of the fastest growing regions of Melbourne. More >>


This place is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne. It's tucked between South Yarra, Toorak and Prahran. It has boutique shops, Victorian architecture, plenty of trees, cafes, a village feel, and good access to public transport. All of this means Hawksburn is an easy place to live in. More >>


If you are after a safe, affluent, middle class family area with beautiful parks, then Malvern could be your thing. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone here who does not send their kids to a private school, or who is not a professional or does not play golf or listen to ABC Radio. More >>


Wealthy, semi rural, and posh private schools. This place is quite beautiful and is definitely family and executive territory. There are trees, well kept homes and gardens everywhere, and a very pleasant local shopping centre.  More >>

St KILDA    

St Kilda has plenty to offer and is probably the most colourful suburb in Melbourne. It's glory has come, gone, and come back again. Meaning, these days it's the place arty intelligent types, professionals, live music fans, students, backpackers, families, gays/lesbians, and tourists like to hang out and live in. It's trendy in a gentrified alternative way, with a bit of edge and a bit of rough still left.  More >>


South Yarra is the designer shopping centre of Melbourne. It tends to attract skinny things, blondes (fake and natural), people who wear bling, have moola, and love to be seen. It is an affluent, safe, stylish, expensive, beautiful suburb close to the city centre.  More >>


Toorak is the most prestigious suburb in Melbourne, and is essentially establishment. If you are filthy rich or a well known media celebrity, there is a good chance you'll be parking your Toorak tractor (aka 4WD) here. More >>


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