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    Armadale, Melbourne (inner south-east)

Rent: rent prices are medium to high

Vibe: Private schools and skiing holidays

Location: Parks, 5-10km from city centre

Armadale is a haven for executives and wealthy families with smart children who go to private schools, and young women who dream of getting married. This is a very picturesque upper middle class suburb that screams moola, and respectable professions. It exists in a wealthy highly anglo-saxon bubble where bogans (uncultured types) dare not tread. This is conservative politics territory. (More info below and to your left <<<)

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  • What a superb website. I really enjoyed flicking through the easy-to-read pages. Of course I checked up on my own suburb, Potts Point. It's aptly described. Congratulations on the outcome!

Sue Jackson
Manager, Womens Markets NSW & ACT| Westpac Banking Corporation

  • Thank you for your insights into Sydney. I am arriving in Sydney next week and, though I have not a clue where I will live for graduate school, I feel more informed already. Thank you for giving REAL information (in a humorous way) to real people!

Patricia Burgess

  • I am considering moving to Melbourne from Sydney next year, and I found this site one of the most interesting, factual and easy to navigate websites around. The information is accurate and the references to shoes is a great touch!

Laura, 21, Sydney

  • "An enterprising website creator, Verica Jokic, has taken the old adage 'if a shoe fits' and applied it to Sydney neighbourhoods to help visitors and new residents get their bearings and step out with confidence."
Fiona Gillies - The Sunday Telegraph, May 18 2008

  • I don't usually give feedback on websites, but I thought this was an exceptional circumstance... You're a genius!!!! I'm moving to Melbourne early next year and is hands-down the greatest resource I've stumbled across. Thank you so much :)

Loren Adams

  • Similar to the traveller's bible, Lonely Planet, offers those who are planning to move a comprehensive guide to living in Melbourne (Sydney and Brisbane)FULL STORY...
Leader Newspapers

  • Hi just wanted to say thanks so much for the great site you have put together.We are moving from Melbourne to sydney in a couple of months (with two kids) and have found your site a gold mine of information.So thank you so much, haven't found anything like it on the web and have clocked up many hours already.

Andrea Fulton

  • The new Wiki feature on Cityhobo rocks. Easy to use, fun and quick. I did my suburb profile in no time.

Nick Harford

  • Thank you, this is such a great website. I moved to Australia from South Africa last year and lived in Brisbane. My husband then got employment at Sony Australia in Sydney and we have since moved to Sydney. I have spent days on the net looking for a website like this. Thank you, it is great!! Now I feel more connected to this city, and feel I have a handy guide to get around. Many many thanks.


  • I found the website cute and easy to read; accurate.

Peter Macdonald - former Manly Mayor

  • I just thought I'd send a quick note to let you know I think your site is fantastic. I love the quirky shoe ratings and descriptions of the suburbs. It's really fun and clever while also painting a really good picture of the suburbs.
Katie Boland

  • Hi everyone. I came across fantastic, user-friendly and informative website, City Hobo by (happy) accident and tought I'd share it with those looking at (or already) living in Sydney and Melbourne. The website offers a magnitude of nitty-gritty info about where to live in Sydney and Melbourne, according to personality, needs and preferences. It features handy, honest, straight-to-the point write-ups of 65 suburbs in Sydney and 45 suburbs in Melbourne, which are easy to read and compare to one another. The website has numerous other useful links about both Sydney and Melbourne - hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Kangaroo on saaustralia's website

  • When we decided to head down to Australia (from Houston) I was more than overwhelmed with the prospect of laying out the trip. We were going to be there for 10 days and the challenge of putting a perfect trip together seemed to grow each day. Where do you go? What do you do? How do you get around? I found all of the "major sites' but well into the process stumbled upon a referral to Since the referral was so strong I decided to take a look. It was tremendous. The simple fact is you can't learn everything or go everywhere in 10 days, and the well-known sites were just overwhelming and it seemed I had to garner them all to get everything I needed. We are talking serious over-load; that's when I found cityhobo. It was clean, un-cluttered and had all of the essentials of a trip without the clutter. I was looking for "high-value" information not needless filler. It is exceptional. Also of great interest is their info on suburbs and real estate as we may be looking for a place to rent/buy for my son. will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Jerald Broussard (Houston, Texas)

  • Just a quick note to say great site, I'm currently "analyzing" it for a weekly discussion for my Information Design course. It's a fine example of good design in my opinion. On another note, I am relocating to Australia so I'm finding it very useful!
Delon Walton

  • I quite often get asked by potential students about finding accommodation for our colleges in Sydney and Melbourne. I stumbled across your website about 8 months ago and I love it so I've been sending it on to them as some of our students are from S.A. W.A, the UK and Europe.

Jennifer Long, Studio Manager, Shillington College

  • I think that it does speak to young people in a language that they are familiar with and that is approachable, and its quirkiness is attractive, for example comparing suburbs to styles of shoes! I think it would be useful for students, particularly those from overseas. I did a search and the results were clear, offering good coverage of the features and contacts in a suburb.
    I think that the section dedicated to FAQs is interesting from a foreigner's perspective as it covers things like tipping, the airport, renting, prices and the GST. I also think that from an international or non-local perspective the section based on 21 day trips in Sydney is another great promotion as this is a positive way of promoting some of Sydney's highlights.
UTS student

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