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A multicultural suburb with Victorian architecture and narrow streets. 

Brunswick, Melbourne (inner north)

If you like unpretentious, earthy cafes and living in a place where people of all descriptions are welcome, then Brunswick is your nirvana. Traditionally a working class area popular with migrants, in recent years it has begun attracting professionals, community minded types, and those with a bit of edgy flair. In terms of politics, this is green and politically left territory. (More info below and to your left <<<)


Rent $$$:

rent prices are still affordable but drifting towards being pricey

Mediterranean Wholesalers - 482 Sydney Rd - Ph: 9380 4777


Inner city, Near Melbourne Uni/RMIT/Shillington College

Victorian cottages

Would Suit:

Singles, Professionals, Families, Gay/lesbian, Students

Can be hard


hairy legs, community spirit

Birkenstocks, brown work shoes

Brunswick covers a huge area. There's East Brunswick, Brunswick and West Brunswick. All three areas have a mixture of residential buildings and light industry. Properties in West Brunswick tend to be larger, predominantly built post 1910, and more popular with families. Cool types opt for East Brunswick and it's array of workers' cottages and slightly larger brick or timber period homes. Brunswick itself holds attractions for a variety of people. It's mostly made up of small brick worker's cottagers, Victorian terraces or Victorian timber block fronted homes, and has narrow streets. All three are safe suburbs.

East Brunswick is where new interesting, arty cafes have opened up. The number of blue collar workers in East Brunswick is dropping, making way for a greater number of tertiary educated, community minded, arty, young-ish people. East Brunswick used to have a bluestone quarry. It now has a few outlet stores including a good luggage shop on Lygon St, and CERES. CERES is an environmental centre, plant nursery, a community farm with a twice weekly market, and an organic cafe. Kids and adults love this place.

Brunswick has an amazing assortment of independent shops you most likely won't find anywhere else. There's no glitz here, not by a long stretch. But what there is is colourful, cheap, and totally unpretentious. You'd be hard pressed not to get a bargain here. Post WW2 European migrants moved here, reflected in shops like the amazing Mediterranean Wholesalers. More recently people from Islamic countries have settled in Brunswick. The city end of Brunswick Rd has some interesting alternative-esque clothing stores. There's a bit of a live music scene here too. And perhaps not as much green space as people would like. If you crave greenery and parks, check out the Maribyrnong River and Queens Park in nearby Moonee Ponds.

West Brunswick is family friendly. It's not as well placed for shopping as Brunswick and East Brunswick, in that some areas are not close walking distance to shops. But it is quiet and greener than most other parts of Brunswick.

Brunswick was named after the estranged wife of King George IV, Caroline of Brunswick. In the early 2000's, Brunswick was the scene of the murder of a gangland patriach. But other than that, this place is fairly safe.

Parking: can be hard around Sydney Rd. Vibe: hairy legs and community spirit. Shoe equivalent: Brown work shoes, Birkenstocks. Would suit: singles, students, families, professionals, gay/lesbians. Location: inner city. Distance from city centre: 4km. Direction: north.

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