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    Milton, Brisbane (0-5km)

Rent: apartment rents are in the mid range to expensive range

Vibe: blonde bling vs old style creatives

Location: River, Inner city, Near Uni of Qld, Near QUT/Shillington

Once upon a time Milton attracted creative, alternative types. These days they are an endangered species. In recent years, this partially industrial, partially residential suburb has seen more apartments spring up, bringing with them childless professionals. Milton is home to the XXXX Brewery, Suncorp Stadium and dozens of good cafes, bars and restaurants. (More info below and to your left <<<)

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Broadview is one quiet, old style, family type suburb. There is nothing pretentious about Broadview. The streets are wide and leafy, the houses are large and on big blocks, some houses are renovated, some are not, some are old, some are new. More >>>


OK - you are either into these sorts of residential developments or not. Mawson Lakes is a purpose built 'perfect world' north of Adelaide's city centre. More >>


North Adelaide is about as vibrant a suburb as you can get in Adelaide. It is a cafe and restaurant hub and one of the best places to live in Adelaide, if you can afford it. The architecture is stunning, the streets are wide and leafy, there are plenty of shops and pubs, a cinema, golf course, a great pie shop... More >>


If ever there was a suburb that deserved more, it's Prospect. This is a huge suburb by Adelaide's standards and yet it lacks a vibrant village-style hub, but things are changing slowly. The streets are quiet, leafy, with great examples of Victorian architecture, limestone cottages and rosebush gardens. More >>


Salisbury is out in the burbs. It's 25km north of the city centre and is the type of place that attracts families on lower to mid incomes. It's not a fancy place, but the local council has put in some hard work to make it a pleasant place to live, and to position itself as an environmental leader. More >>


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Aldinga is a beach suburb on the Fleurieu Peninsula. For decades it was a sleepy hollow but quite recently this area has experienced a building boom and a whole new housing development has gone up attracting those who don't need to live close to the city. More >>


Glenelg is the best known beach suburb in Adelaide. It's got a busy shopping strip, good access to public transport, schools, eclectic architecture, and is a tourist draw card. It's the Bondi of Sydney but with fewer young people. More >>>


Goodwood is the refuge for the alternative set, in Adelaide's inner south - an area known for its bling, bucks and boutiques. Goodwood has an earthy feel, a great art deco cinema with regular Wurlitzer recitals, leafy streets... More >>>


Hyde Park is the chi chi suburb of Adelaide's. It's full of ladies-who-lunch types, boutique stores, gourmet food, cafes, restaurants, large well kept homes in attractive leafy streets, refined accents, and a bit of a snobby attitude. More >>>


If you like retro suburbs, then Marion in Adelaide's south is your nirvana. This suburb has some outstanding examples of 50's architecture and manicured gardens, in quiet well kept leafy streets. More >>>


Unley is one of the nicest suburbs in Adelaide, just south of the city centre and fab parklands. It has a busy main road  with plenty of traffic), but go just one street back and you enter a world of stunning period homes, leafy streets, rose gardens and tweeting birds. More >>>


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Athelstone is a suburb made for families. It is in the Adelaide foothills, has plenty of leafy streets, and larger blocks of land with brick family homes. More >>>


Burnside is one of the most chi chi areas of Adelaide and is typical of many of the eastern suburbs. The City of Burnside has many smaller suburbs including those in the foothills, and is home to some of Adelaide's wealthiest people. It is the establishment epicentre.  More >>>


Magill is one of those suburbs that would go under the radar if it were not for the Uni of South Australia campus. It is a low key, quiet suburb with leafy streets, and architecture that is niether fab nor ugly. More >>>


Norwood is one of the best suburbs to live in Adelaide. It has gone from being a working class suburb with a large Italian influence to a cosmopolitan one with a huge cafe culture and a good village vibe. More >>



St Peters is a very attractive suburb with beaut large period homes, wide leafy streets (the avenues), neighbours who behave themselves and drink cups of tea with their little pinky raised. This is a quiet suburb close to the city centre and to Norwood and it's cafe scene. More >>


Walkerville is one of the prettiest suburbs in Adelaide. It's rather old money establishment, with plenty of oldies, and well paid professionals with or without kids. Walkerville has a country town feel. More >>>


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Brompton and Bowden are two interesting suburbs. They were once heavily working class with small cottages, and had large chunks filled with light industry and factories. Now a few students, professionals and arty types have moved in, giving the suburbs an alternative edge and cudos. More >>



Croydon is a slice of Melbourne in Adelaide. There are two great things about this suburb: the retro style Queen St/Elizabeth St shops, and the architecture. This is a suburb that has historically been working class, with some public housing. In recent years though arty, alternative, professional types have been moving in. More >>



Grange is one of the nicest beach suburbs in Adelaide, 12km west from the city centre. While Glenelg is all action, Grange is quiet, peaceful, and genuinely friendly. More >>


Henley is a great beach suburb 11km west of Adelaide's city centre, and just down the road from Grange. It's the type of place where you can chill out, go fishing, or spend hours taking a leisurely stroll on the beach with or without the dogs. It's got some great cafes, great  fish and chips, a picturesque village square, and friendly people. More >>


Semaphore is a charming beach suburb in Adelaide. It has a great village feel, some interesting shops, plenty of limestone cottages and a beach with a long pier, playground attractions, and plenty of appeal for families. More >>


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Stirling is the pick of the Adelaide hills suburbs. It's a well planned, green area with plenty of nice homes, beautiful tree lined streets, a great organic cafe, and residents aged above 40 for whom serenity is more important than partying. This is one peaceful, picturesque, gentrified area with plenty of birds, great views and a conservative political bent. More >>>